donderdag 9 januari 2014


CTRL+1 is the Eclipse quick-fix key. I use it all the time but sometimes it predicts my intentions incorrectly. Take for example the following code:

I position my cursor on the field "composite_1" to rename it and press CTRL+1. What happens is the following: The tooling knows that my source contains errors and jumps to the next nearby problem to display the quick-fix options. Nice, but not what I wanted.

To get back to my original cursor position I press CTRL+1 again. The cursor jumps back and opens the quick fix dialog again but now on the correct position:

You probably knew this one but I thought I tell you anyway, just in case.



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  3. This should get more coverage imo, great to see most of the hurdles of the toolchain for avr being stoved away in Eclipse. As a Java dev I feel I would have a much better time picking up the avrs these days than when I was a beginner arduino eclipse user. Blackboxin but still make the internals accessible for those who wants to optimize or fiddle. Great work!