woensdag 24 juni 2009

Funny History Lesson About SWT (+ Jigsaw)


I have found a reference post to an "inside story" on SWT. Quite funny. Maybe you already know it but for others it will be new. What is also funny is that it contains a reference to a project called, yes, "Jigsaw". It appears that all projects with that name are doomed to go under, which some might call good news. :-D

dinsdag 9 juni 2009

The Aware Workbench (1) (win a T-Shirt)

Wouldn't it be great if the workbench would know if the stack trace you are seeing was already reported as a bug. Or if you could just ask a question and it would notify you if the answer arrived. Maybe you are in need of professional services: the workbench just opens a map and shows you where you can find them in your location. How about a workbench where you can just chat with peers and experts or let your workbench twitter your success:

wimjongman just let me, his workbench, create the com.remainsoftware.salvo.application product for 5 target platforms

This is currently beeing discussed in bug 279383 please join in. BTW, You can win a T-shirt (not from Eclipse) if you point out the thing the average workbench can already do.

donderdag 4 juni 2009

is Eclipse still Rock & Roll?


Tomorrow evening (thursday, june 11) there is the Dutch Eclipse Democamp. Almost 30 people enrolled, including the famous Marcel Offermans, member of the PMC of Apache Felix and the Dutch Oracle on Open Source legal aspects, Arnoud Engelfriet.

Martin Taal, the EMFT Teneo project lead will be present and Jos Warmer, lead of the mod4j project, is presenting mod4j.

If you have something to share or just want to watch and talk about the Greater Eclipse, this evening is for you. There will be an interesting mix of topics, Please check out the current Agenda and enroll. You can also mail yuri.kok@industrial-TSI.com and he will put you on the list.

Drinks and beverages are on us and the Eclipse Foundation. It is going to be interesting and

Newsreader update

V0.4.0 of the newsreader is available @ http://wiki.eclipse.org/newsreader. I have just added colouring so that you can see the status of a discussion (1:my articles, 2:new reply to participating thread, 3:participating thread):

Download and help me get this project on the road.