zondag 19 januari 2014

MDialog and MWizardDialog supported by the E4 Model Editor

We have added support for the new E4 model elements. We ask you to play with this and help us figure out what additional API these parts need.

To install the new E4 tooling you need to be on Luna M4 which can be found here (by the time of this writing).

Then you need to install the latest integration build of the model tooling which can be found here.

After installation and restart you can play with the live model editor to see these new elements in action.

donderdag 9 januari 2014


CTRL+1 is the Eclipse quick-fix key. I use it all the time but sometimes it predicts my intentions incorrectly. Take for example the following code:

I position my cursor on the field "composite_1" to rename it and press CTRL+1. What happens is the following: The tooling knows that my source contains errors and jumps to the next nearby problem to display the quick-fix options. Nice, but not what I wanted.

To get back to my original cursor position I press CTRL+1 again. The cursor jumps back and opens the quick fix dialog again but now on the correct position:

You probably knew this one but I thought I tell you anyway, just in case.