zondag 18 maart 2012

Design a Nebula Logo and win $100

The Short Story

The Nebula project needs a new Logo. File a new logo design using this bug and you could win $100.
Showcase your logo here: http://wiki.eclipse.org/Nebula/Artwork

The Long Story

The Eclipse Nebula project is slowly moving out of incubation. Artifacts of this process are going to be stable releases, continuous builds and easy to get documentation.

A new design of the Nebula website will be part of this although I fear that it will be quite hard to get resources for this job.

When looking at the great design of the Xtext website, I must admit that I am a little jealous. Because nothing drives production better than competition, I thought it was time for a new Logo for the Nebula project.

A great designer is somewhere inside me, waiting to blossom, but, to be completely honest, when I show my creations to people, I often get advice to hire some professional help. Nevertheless, I was thinking that an Ambigram would make a nice Nebula Logo. When designed properly, Ambigrams are clear on their own but can be read upside-down as well. So after fiddling around with it a little bit, this was the result.
As you can read from the mail thread, it did not land well with the other readers of nebula-dev. Edwin Park replied with a promising design:

We decided to open a bug and make a real contest out of it. So far we have the following proposals. If you can do better, help us out and you could win $100. The logo will be chosen by the readers of the Nebula-Dev mailing list (you can subscribe here).