woensdag 29 april 2009

Getting more out of the Ecosystem (1) - Bugzilla

This is a series of suggestions on how we can grow the Eclipse Ecosystem. Now the economic situation is a bit slower, I get questions about our yearly $5000 contribution. Why don't we just _take_ Eclipse, like the rest of the world.

Who are our users?
I believe that we should know our users. It is great that we know that China is #1 with more than a billion downloads, but who are these guys and how are they using Eclipse? Can we get in contact with them so that we can do business together? No, becasue we don't know who they are.

Does Microsoft know who every Visual Studio user is? No, they do not have a clue (just joking haha, it _is_ a joke to think that Microsoft does not know their users.) Of course they do, our company is one of them and sure we get a lot of spam but every now and then we get some eggs and sausages.

Does Sun know the Netbeans users? I don't know but their download page attempts to reap the low hanging fruit.

A Bugzilla Account is Mandatory
I suggest to only allow downloads after the user has registered for a bugzilla account. In this registration we do like Sun does and ask these users if we may contact them. In Jax Germany I attended one of Wayne Beaton's sessions and he asked a group of about 40 people who had a bugzilla account, about 5 raised their arm. Now Jax Germany is a 1500-dollar-entrance-fee event. Why don't these guys have a bugzilla account? And why is it called a bugzilla account and not an Eclipse account?

With our known users we can do all sorts of things.

  1. Send them information about Eclipse Projects
  2. Send them information about the traning series
  3. Give Marketing information to the Members (us)
  4. Ask if they want to be an Eclipse Member
  5. your input here

People won't mind because they want to be part of Eclipse. They would rather hear from Eclipse than to be left alone. And remember, A bugzilla account is just one click away.

Eclipse Demo Camp in the Netherlands

Demo Camp in the Netherlands
Industrial-TSI will be organizing the third Eclipse Democamp in the Netherlands. We have compiled a little survey so that you can indicate what you want to see. The survey can be found here. 

Get a Bugzilla Account
In addition to this, Dutch Eclipse lovers, you can can submit a short talk about your favourite Eclipse related topic on the Eclipse Democamp Wiki. You need a bugzilla account to change the wiki. The bugzilla account can also be used to respond to bugs or report new ones. All Eclipse users should get one. A bugzilla account is just one click away.