zaterdag 30 mei 2009

Salvo, the Eclipse based Newsreader

Version 0.2 for windows of the Salvo newsreader is available on It has only the foundation of a newsreader but we have started to work on the fun stuff. If you want to give it a spin, please do.

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  1. Salvo,

    I like the idea to have my daily tools built on a platform that I understand and I put it high on my list of interesting things ;-)

    That said, I have the feeling that with your wiki page you *might* violate the terms of use as given at the bottom of every web page.

    I'm not a lawyer and my advice is no legal advice but I suggest that you ask for example Sharon Corbett (EMO, legal). She's really helpful and I'm sure she can tell you whether it's allowed to offer direct downloads of non-EPL stuff through an web page.

    By the way, as I interpret all this legal stuff, I do not think that you lose any of your copyrights just by applying the EPL to your code.


  2. Apologies!!! I just realized that I mixed your name with the one of your tool. Shame on me, Wim ;-)

  3. Reading further in your blog, I realize that you plan to support the paying members of Eclipse ("Eclipse services in your region").
    I assume you are referring to "pay" as " pay money". Kudos to all those that pay money!

    But what about all those individuals who pay with their personal time, no matter what their business case of that might be?

    In fact I see it differently: Eclipse is what it is today almost only due to the work that has been done by committers and contributors. IMHO paying money is just a minor compensation for not being involved (of course I do understand that the work of the staff is also important and must be paid).

    I wonder how much money I'd have paid for my membership as an individual committer if I sum up all these hours of the last five years and apply my usual consulting rate ;-)

  4. Hello Eike,

    Yes. That is priceless. And all independend commiters will be on that map too.

    My blog is meant to launch the idea of getting more economy into Eclipse. It is not a finished plan and ofcourse, before such a map is launched from Eclipse a lot of water will have run under the bridge.

    About the legal stuff: Thanks, I will contact Sharon.

    About the tool: Great did you give it a spin already?